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We aim to rehabilitate and improve movement using evidence based, natural methods such as improving mobility, increasing strength and stability, improving movement patterns, using muscle release and re-education for pain relief to reduce the risk of re-occurrance.

Before any treatment occurs your physiotherapist will complete a thorough assessment of your nerves, muscles, joints, movements and any special tests related to your condition. In order to find out what will be the most effective treatment for you, a series of treatment testing will occur to ensure you get the best possible outcomes. Once the most effective treatment is determined for your individual needs, your physio will then develop a treatment plan taking into account your lifestyle, activities and general health to get you better as quickly as possible.

Although a variety of treatment methods may be used including exercise programming, muscular releases, joint manipulation and mobilisation and muscle re-education, our preferred method of treatment is using activity and movement to help reduce your pain and improve any movement restriction.

Throughout the course of treatment your physio will re-evaluate your progress and modify treatment as necessary in order to help you reach your goals.

If you are into sports, Physio Balance will act like your very own sports injury clinic and can perform a movement assessment from head to toe in order to plan an exercise program that allows you to move efficiently, powerfully and pain free throughout your sporting season.

There are many types of exercises and your physiotherapist may wish to include these into your management plan.

Examples of these include:

  • Resistance exercises to improve muscle strength.
  • Low resistance high repetition exercises to improve muscle endurance.
  • Non weight bearing exercises to protect an injured bone or joint.
  • Weight bearing exercises to improve bone strength.
  • Balance and co-ordination exercises to improve joint position sense and prevent falls and recurrence of injuries.
  • Exercises in water to support the injured skeletal system and enable gross motor patterning.
  • Low load through range exercises for flexibility.
  • Exercises targeting the deep core muscles to improve postural control and alignment.
  • Cardio-vascular exercises for total body fitness and mental and emotional health.

We see people aged 6-106 with pain and or movement dysfunction with particular emphasis placed on musculo-skeletal disorders both acute and chronic. These conditions may be sports related or work related and may include arthritis, post-operative conditions, muscle, tendon and joint sprains and strains


We accept private health funds, Workcover, DVA, CTP and some bulk billing patients. You do not need a referral for an appointment, however you may be referred by a medical specialist, GP or another health professional.


We are adjacent to Zaraffas drive thru coffee shop. You will find our treatment rooms spacious, open, light and airy. Please see the adjoining map.

A: 2/34 Bunker Rd, Victoria Point QLD 4165
P: 0403 338 255
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