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20 Feb

Active Physiotherapy vs Passive Physiotherapy

What’s the difference between Active Physio   I recently read an article, by Human 2.0 (Canada), about the difference between passive and active physiotherapy. This inspired me to write something to help educate people on what we do at Physio Balance and why we think it is the gold standard of physio! Firstly, What is the […]

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08 Aug

Deadbugs: Build Strength in your Back and Abdominals

Strengthen your Back and Abs being a Deadbug Deadbugs utilise muscles that provide stability all the way from your shoulders to your toes. It works by increasing stability in the trunk so that you can move your limbs throughout range and pain free. It is great for adding strength to the back and abdominals so […]

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08 Aug

Rocking for Hip Mobility

How Rocking On Your Hands and Knees Can Open Up Your Hips Do your hips and back get tight after a day at the office? Are you constantly stretching your glutes and hip flexors with no change? If so, then ROCKING might just be what you need. Rocking is a reset that has come from […]

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27 Jul

Bird Dogs: Increase Stability, Decrease Pain

Bird Dogs: An exercise to improve stability and decrease pain! Bird Dogs are all about control and stability. By increasing stability through the hips, shoulders and spine you improve your body’s ability to function and decrease pain. Bird Dogs are helpful in relieving pain as they are a low impact exercise and they use the […]

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11 Jul

Reduce low back pain with this simple exercise

Want to know how to reduce low back pain? A very simple exercise known as Cross Crawls is highly effective at reducing low back pain.  A Cross-crawl can be done sitting, lying down, or standing making it very versatile in helping people of all abilities.  The Standing cross-crawls are a great exercise for activating hip […]

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