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TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a short term pain relieving modality. It is relatively inexpensive and portable and may be utilised in both the home and or work environment. Although not clinically proven in robust studies anecdotally many users report positive effects. The theory behind TENS is that it emits an electrical pulse via electrodes that is able to block the pain impulses travelling along the nerve. It may also have an effect of releasing endorphins similar to those released during exercise. Although relatively safe to use it is important to observe a number of contraindications and precautions when contemplating its use.

  • 1) Epilepsy.
  • 2) Pregnancy.
  • 3) Cardiac pacemakers.
  • 4) Broken or damaged skin or skin conditions.
  • 5) Poor sensory areas.
  • 6) Near water.
  • 7) Not to be used whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

NB Always use on the recommendation of your treating health professional.