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Tennis Elbow Causes and Treatment

Tennis Elbow Causes and Treatment tennis elbow causes and treatment Tennis Elbow Causes and Treatment tenniselbow 1
tennis elbow Causes and Treatment

tennis elbow is a term that describes pain and discomfort on the outside of the elbow. Often it is a result of an overuse injury of the muscles in the forearm. It is common in racquet sports and manual workers. The pain on the outside of the elbow and in the forearm results from lack of stability in the shoulder which then overloads the muscles in the forearm when gripping and pulling. tennis elbow may also be referred pain from neck.

Common symptoms of tennis elbow include pain when gripping, lifting and moving the wrist backwards. As well as discomfort when sleeping and tenderness when touching the elbow.

Physiotherapy and tennis elbow?

physiotherapy treatment for tennis elbow aims to relieve pain and unload the overused muscles while  strengthen and correct the muscles and prevent the injury from occurring again. Treatment often includes deep tissue massage around the forearm, joint mobilisation, muscle re-education and strengthening in the shoulder and forearm as well as strapping techniques and brace prescription if required.