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The SIJ is a joint that forms the pelvic ring posteriorly between the sacrum and the ilium bones. It is readily identified in the region of the dimples below the lumbar spine. SIJ pain may be localised or may radiate to buttocks, groin or down the thigh.

Common causes of SIJ pain and dysfunction are pregnancy- due to the hormonal changes and the physical stresses on the pelvic region. Other causes include the joint compensating for issues in the spine or hip. Finally a traumatic episode eg. A hard landing onto feet from a jump.

Preventative strategies include:

  • low impact cardio exercises.
  • Mat exercises designed to improve joint integrity.
  • Improve stability and mobility in the adjacent soft tissue structures.
  • SI belts for joint support particularly where the joint is hypermobile or lax.

Always follow the advice of your health care professional.