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Lawn bowls is a very popular sport played all around the world. In Australia alone, there are 250,000 registered bowlers- predominantly males over 55 yo. The most likely to be injured and require hospitalisation are the 70-74 yo age group.

Common causes of injury i9nclude:

1/ Slips and trips and falls.
2/ Over exertion.
3/ Being struck by a bowl.

Common areas of injury on the body include hips, thigh, knee and lower leg.

Safety and injury prevention precautions include:

1/ Never playing with a pre-existing injury that has not been assessed by a health care professional.
2/ Adequate warm up and cool down.
3/ Remaining active throughout the week.
4/ Seek professional advice regarding suitability of equipment and clothing. In particular grips, balance and delivery.
5/ Use a bowls lifter to reduce back strain.
6/ Be sun smart.
7/ Remain hydrated and avoid alcohol.
8/ If injured during play, cease activity and seek advice from your health care professional.