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Golf is a very popular sport played all around the world. It is suitable to be played by both sexes of all ages. Injuries are more likely to occur in males aged 25-65yo who participate greater than 6 hours per week.

Common cause of Injuries includes: 1/ Poor swing technique. 2/ Jarring through the body if the club hits the ground. 3/ Slips and falls. 4/ Inappropriate or ill-fitting equipment and clothing. 5/ Aggravation of a pre-existing injury. 6/ Poor general fitness. 7/ Inattention to warm up and cool down.

The most common areas of injury are 1/ knee and lower leg. Head and face. Overuse injuries generally involve the lower back, wrist and elbow, knee and shoulder.

Safety and Injury Prevention involves 1/ Seeking assessment and treatment of any pre-existing conditions from a suitable health professional. 2/ Attention to warming up and cooling down. 3/ Improve aerobic fitness. 4/ Gradual increase in the duration and intensity of your practice. 6/ Seek professional advice from your golf pro on technique and equipment. 7/ Use a buggy to carry bag. 8/ Maintain good hydration. 8/ Be sun safe. 9/ Avoid alcohol. 10/ Cease play if you experience any pain and seek professional advice from your health professional.