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The prevalence of injuries in cricket has been increasing over time and the authorities are not sure why.

Most Common types of Injury: Musculo-skeletal strains and sprains, lower body. Face.

Most common Injury Causation: Contact with a cricket ball will often precipitate a visit to hospital. Trips and falls are also relatively common. For bowler’s overuse injuries occur in the spine and shoulders.

Most Common Bodily Areas involved: The upper body-particularly hand and finger. Lower body, head and face.

Advice for InjurybPrevention:

1/  Embark on a progressive pre-season training regime including fitness, agility, core stability and strength together with cricketing skills.

2/ Warm up and cool down on game day.

3/ Ensure that trainers are furnished with current accreditation qualifications.

4/ Wear PPE at all times and ensure this equipment is in working order and the proper fit for your body size and shape.

5/ Ensure footwear is lightweight, well fitted and suited to the sport and the prevailing conditions.

6/ Stay well hydrated throughout the day.

7/ Be sun safe at all times when outdoors.

8/ If injured leave the field immediately to obtain a prompt assessment by a qualified health care professional.