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Post Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation

Post Surgical Treatment post surgical treatment Post Surgical Treatments postsurgical 1
post surgical treatment

When recovering from surgery, your joints and muscles need proper rehab in order to work normally again. Rehab is important because injury, pain and long periods of not using your joints and muscles cause them to lose their normal patterns of movement. physiotherapy treatment post surgery aims to reduce swelling, relieve pain, regain movement and flexibility, strengthen muscles and joints, and re-train the muscles to work correctly again.

physiotherapy also aims to reduce scar tissue formation. Scar tissue can form after damage to tissues; this happens not only on the skin where you can see it, but it also under the skin around the muscles and joints.  If this tissue is not managed correctly  permanent movement restrictions can occur.  Another focus for physiotherapy post surgery is to encourage muscles to move with the proper patterns so they do not shorten and cause movement restriction. Physiotherapists manage this through mobility work and exercise programs. We work with you until you are back to your pre-surgical self or better!