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What is a Muscle Strain?

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muscle strain

A muscle strain, also known as a ‘muscle tear’ or a ‘pulled muscle’, occurs when a muscle is overstretched. Usually associated with speed, although muscle strains can occur with almost any activity, it is most common in sports due to increased load and use.

There are varying degrees of a muscle strain, from a minor to a complete tear. The most common symptoms are localized pain, swelling, bruising and stiffness. The best management of a muscle strain is modified movement, ice, compression and elevation. This helps to reduce pain and swelling. It is very important to stop or limit all aggravating and painful movements or activities that involve the muscle in order to prevent the strain from getting worse.

How can Physio Help a Muscle Tear

physiotherapy improves the healing time and quality of muscle strains as well as maintains movement during the early stages of injury. This is important because when you stop moving a muscle to allow it to heal; the surrounding muscles can become tight and problematic. physiotherapy is very important in the later stages of injury for muscle rehabilitation. This is where correct muscle use, strength, and length are restored and injury prevention measures taken.