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Flat feet is a condition in which the arch or arches of the foot collapse. It may or may not be symptomatic however the pain will be felt in either the inside ankle region, outside foot or in the arch itself. The arch acts as a shock absorber in everyday activities like running and standing serving to distribute the body weight forces evenly throughout the foot. The foot is a highly complex structure made up of 26 bones, more than 100 muscles and many ligaments and nerves.

Causes of Collapsed Arches include:

1. A genetic pre-disposition.
2. Pregnancy.
3. Poorly supportive footwear.
4. Obesity.
5. Diabetes.
6. Arthritic changes in the foot.
7. Long term runners.

Non-pharmaceutical treatments include:
1. Using well designed supportive footwear during activity.
2. Weight management through sensible diet and exercise.
3. A stretching and strengthening regime for the involved soft tissue structures.
4. Prescribed and fitted shoe inserts.
5. Avoidance or modification of exacerbating activities.