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Chronic pain is described as pain that lasts longer than three consecutive months and also occurring on most days of each week. There are a vast number of causes of chronic pain and often there is no valid clinical reason as to why the pain is persisting. This is why it is so hard to manage.

Non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical ways to manage chronic pain. 1) light cardio exercise will raise the endorphin levels in the blood and thus create a heightened sense of wellbeing. This will also control blood sugar levels. Walking is an ideal activity to serve this purpose. 2) Energy conservation is also an integral method in managing chronic pain. The aim is to avoid attaining fatigue levels which will serve to increase pain levels. Planning of your daily activities is a tried and proven technique. 3) Relaxation techniques will raise your pain threshold and thus improve your pain tolerance. Techniques like contract/relax and breathing techniques can prove effective. 4) the simple method of distraction eg. Carrying out a pleasant activity like listening to music or a podcast or participating in a hobby. %) Ensuring a good quality nights rest. 6) Maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise. 7) The use of physical techniques like massage and use of a TENS unit (see the Blog on TENS). Always follow the advice of your treating health professional.