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As  our feet age they tend to undergo the following changes.

1. Thinning of the skin.
2. Wear and tear on the joints.
3. Reduced cushioning of the fat pads.
4. Reduced muscle strength.

This does not mean that foot pain is inevitable as we age but we do need to carefully consider these changes. The deterioration in the condition of our feet will be accelerated by

1. Conditions that affect the blood and nerve supply eg. diabetes.
2. Conditions that impact the bone and soft tissue structures eg. Rheumatoid arthritis.
3. Where local swelling exists eg. Gout.

As a result of these changes the foot will lose its natural “soringiness” as the supporting soft tissue structures stretch over time.

How to minimise these effects.

1. Keep feet warm at all times.
2. Wear arch supports and protective footwear.
3. Undertake light regular exercise.
4. Avoid smoking and excess alcohol consumption.
5. Keep skin hydrated.
6. Manage any underlying disease eg. Osteoporosis.
7. Always follow the advice of your treating health professional.